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DSS-3 Master Asphalt Package


DSS-3 Master Asphalt Package


Product Description

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DSS-3 Master Asphalt Package Specifications

Chassis Pull Down System For Straight Rail Late Models & Modifieds

DSS-3 System with Load Cells, Acceleration Kit, Wheel Measurement System & Ride Height Kit
INCLUDES ITEM NUMBERS: PD20215EVS, PD20500, PD20900, 90400P, PD21800

This package incorporates all of our most popular options for asphalt late models and modifieds. Ideal for chassis builders,
serious race teams and set‐up shops. Simple joystick controls allow the user to quickly position the vehicle to any point
within .01”. Complete wheel measurement system along with dynamic wheel loads allow in depth analysis of the chassis at
any point on the race track. Bump stops and coil binding are no issue with the 4500lb, dual load cell scales. Use the
acceleration cylinder to apply acceleration or deceleration torque to the rear end housing and measure forward drive and
true dynamic bite. Read ride heights instantly with the self‐leveling laser ride height kit. Optional Data Acquisition attaches
to DSS system to display suspension travels on control panel and allows for on‐track data reporting (shock travels, steering, throttle, brakes and more).

System Capabilities:
• Perform Static Set-Ups with High Accuracy Levels
• Ride Height
• Wheel Weights
• Wheel Positions (See Below)
• Wheel Base
• Pull Car Down or Push Up to simulate any on-track position, under full load, while measuring:
• Wheel Loads with all Percentages
• Grip Generated
• Acceleration & Deceleration Loads (Forward Drive)
• Dynamic Bite
• Fully Load Lift Arm or Pull Bar
• Bump Stop Rates/Timing/Engagement

• Coil Bind Timing/Rates
• Toe (all four wheels)
• Camber (Static & Dynamic)
• Caster (Static & Dynamic)
• Bump Steer
• Rear Steer
• Pinion Angle Change
• Rear End Location (Static Steer & Lateral Location)
• Axle Tube Straightness (Measure Axle Tubes without Removing Rear)
• Ackermann (At any Suspension Travel)
• Wheel Base
• Contact Patch Alignment
• Dynamic Ground Clearance
• Chassis Deflection
• Suspension Bind
• Sway Bar Loads
• Driveline Alignment (Static & Dynamic)

• Accurately Predict Effects of Set-Up Changes in the Shop
• Test Set-Up Ideas Throughout the Year
• Compare Set-ups and Chassis
• Generate a Better Picture of the Entire System and How it Works Together

DSS-3VS Master Asphalt Package Includes:
• 8” Stroke, Fully Electric Cylinders
• Accurate Movement to +/- .005”
• Variable Speed Joystick Controls
• Portable Design - Works on any surface - Stackable for Easy Storage & Transport
• Billet Aluminum Wheel Stands with Integrated High Load Scales
• 10” Tall for Convenient Work Clearance
• Removable Roll Off Stands (Optional)
• Heavy Duty Leveling Feet
• Four Wheel Slip Plates to Eliminate Tire/Wheel Bind
• Fully Adjustable Wheel Base, Tread Width & Chassis Attachment Points
• Ultra Rigid Dual Load Cells/4500lbs per Wheel Scale Capacity
• Acceleration & Deceleration Cylinder Kit
• RS400PRO Four Wheel/Dual Laser Wheel Measurement System
• Laser Ground Plane and Chassis Ride Height Kit
• Completely Upgradable - Many Add-on Options Including:
• Removable Scale Roll Off Platforms
• Removable Data Acquisition System with Travel Display on Control Panel
• Automatic Wheel Load Recording & Graphing (Must have Data Acq. Option)
• No Computer is Required to Run System and Take all Measurements
• Included Graphing Calculator Runs Excel, Open Office or Numbers
• Input Wheel Loads & Wheel Position Measurements and the Software Calculates & Graphs:
• Wheel Loads
• Cross %, Left%, Right %, Front %, Rear % & Individual Wheel %
• Individual Wheel Toe (Bump)
• Contact Patch Alignment
• Camber & Caster
• Total Grip & Percentages
• Custom Tests (Sway Bar Rates, etc.)
• Overlay Graphs to Compare Tests
• Save & Print Individual Graphs or Entire Reports
• Complete System Training Included - User will be able to perform all functions listed*
*Travel not included.

MSRP: $26,500 

(Shipping costs are not included and will be quoted before order is porcessed.)




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Equipment Purchase Terms
Payment Terms:
30% Deposit Required at time of order. Production/Assembly is not scheduled until
deposit is received.
Balance due at time of shipment.
Your company or personal check is welcome. Master Card, Visa, American Express
and Discover accepted.
COD Shipments are not available for equipment purchases.

Your order will be quoted a shipment date based on the date your deposit is
received. We will do everything in our power to meet this shipment date. Your sales
representative will keep you informed during the manufacture/assembly process.
Equipment ships via the most economical and safe method unless the purchaser
requests otherwise. Third party billing is available.
For truck shipments, UPS Freight is our most used carrier. For package shipments,
UPS is our default carrier.
Freight is billed in addition to equipment price, unless other arrangements have been
The carrier must be notified about Damages at the time of delivery. DRP should be
notified of damages or shortages within 24 hours of delivery.

Most DRP equipment purchases include training in our facility at no additional charge.
On-site training is available at additional cost.


How to Use Your Pull Down Fixture for Performance Gains

Asphalt Chassis


  1. Use the fixture to establish your “track height”. This is the desired attitude (travel & roll) of the chassis on the track. Be sure to allow for tire roll clearance. 3/8” at the cross member & ¾” at the nose.
  2. Adjust your spring/bump stop combination to reach the needed wheel loads at your track height. This is where you will set your bump stop timing, choose primary spring rates, bump stop rates and shims. During this process, you will watch wheel load curves and make sure you are not “spiking the load” causing grip loss.
  3. The first two steps will eliminate chassis over traveling and track contact, causing grip loss.
  4. Now that you know where the car will travel to, you can adjust dynamic balance. This is where the sway bar comes in. Move sway bar load (more roll/Stiffer Bar/softer RF) will increase dynamic cross. Less bar load will decrease cross.
  5. Next, adjust the dynamic bite through acceleration while maximizing total forward traction. (You need the acceleration kit for this.) Adjust trailing arm angles, top link positioning, etc.
  6. Through these five steps, you can test any combination of set-ups. You will see how they change your travel, know what travel adjustments to make and see how they affect dynamic balance. Through testing, you will know what your optimum dynamic balance is for each track.
  7. Different style tracks will produce different wheel loads. You will determine the wheel load for each track by testing, measuring chassis travel and then pulling the car down to that travel. Once you have the wheel loads recorded for each track, you can test set-ups for each track all year long. You will notice higher wheel loads in qualifying and be able to adjust travels for that easily.
  8. Next you will study your dynamic wheel positions. You will measure bump steer on both front wheels. Your will measure the dynamic camber and caster. You will measure caster jacking to see the affect it has on your chassis’ balance through steer. You will measure rear steer and lateral rear end movement. You will measure the contact patch alignment change from static to track height. Knowing these measurements, you will be able to make handling and grip adjustments accurately without affecting other areas of the chassis.
  9. You will watch for suspension binds as you travel the chassis under load and correct them.
  10. You will find bent items (spindles, axle tubes, control arms, etc.) and correct them.
  11. You will ensure that the chassis moves freely under load and repeats itself.
  12. Finally, you will compare set-ups and other chassis to identify unique characteristics that can be reproduced.
  13. Ultimately, the pull down fixture will allow you to fine tune set-ups and develop new set-ups for an advantage. It will eliminate time consuming errors at the track, costing you valuable practice time. It will help uncover chassis problems that cause performance loss far quicker than visual methods. And it will increase your knowledge of the chassis and suspension tremendously without excessive test days at the track.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm



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